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Webster Alternators, Batteries And Starters

You may have wondered - what is an alternator and what does it do? Well, you may have or have not heard an alternator also referred to as a generator. This term is more accurate because that’s exactly what an alternator does, generate electricity.

A frequent misconception is that your vehicle keeps using its battery while it is running while in fact your battery’s sole mission is to start your engine. The alternator is the work horse that allows everything electrical in your vehicle to happen, all while recharging your battery for that next start up.

For an alternator to be kept happy, it must have a belt that is in good shape and tensioned properly to turn the pulley and it also needs a battery that in good shape. A weak battery can overwork an alternator and shorten its life.

Also related to the alternator and charging system is the starter and starting system. The starter itself may cause symptoms that seem like a bad alternator, like, if the engine turns over slowly or not at all. You may need to jump start the vehicle. This could be caused by a bad battery, starter, alternator or problems with the wiring that connects these 3 systems.

This is why we suggest bringing your vehicle to us when problems occur. We have highly trained technicians that can properly diagnose and repair your vehicles battery, charging and starting system in a timely manner.

We also have the best warranty in town with parts and labor on most repairs covered for 3 years or 36,000 miles because we believe alternators, starters and batteries should last longer than that.

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