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What does the TPMS warning light indicate?

Vehicles sold in the US have been required to have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System since 2008, and with good reason. Its function is to inform the driver when the tire pressure is low or likely to jeopardize their safety while driving. Overinflation or underinflation can affect your vehicle negatively. The former may lead to reduced traction, premature wear and tear, and a decreased ability to absorb road impact. On the other hand, uninflated tires may cause tire overload, excessive heat accumulation, and sluggish tire response.

The above consequences can lead to a dangerous situation while you're on the road. They're among the reasons why the TPMS light is important. Here's a breakdown of the various meanings it has when in action.

The Different Meanings of TPMS Warning Lights

As aforementioned, the TPMS light's function is to help you know when the tire pressure is too low or high. However, it may come on in different ways, and below's a detailed description of what each situation could mean.

The Light Goes On & Off

If your vehicle's TPMS light switches on and off, it may be due to fluctuating tire pressures. Typically, this happens at night when the ambient temperatures drop, causing the light to come on. The light may disappear later due to a rise in ambient thermal conditions during the day or heat generated by driving the automobile.

The Light Comes On When You're Driving

If the light turns on and stays on when you're on the road, it indicates that at least one of the tires has low pressure. Under such circumstances, you should pull over, check the pressure of all the tires, determine the cause of pressure loss, and request professional assistance when necessary.

The TPMS Light Flashes and Stays On

If the light flashes for about 90 seconds after starting your car and remains active, it may have a problem with its functionality. In such scenarios, you should consider requesting the assistance of your nearest auto service professional. If the light is malfunctioning, it may fail to tell you when the tires have improper inflation.

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