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What to Do When Your Engine Overheats

A puff of white smoke from your car's bonnet may be distressing and harmful to your vehicle's health. Most modern cars come with a well-structured cooling system that is computer controlled with multiple heat sensors and fans to keep them cool. Still, overheating can happen despite this sophisticated setup.

What happens when the engine overheats?

When the heat generated by a running engine exceeds the recommended level, your engine will overheat. When this happens, the fans and other cooling components fail. Overheating occurs due to blocked hoses or leaks, radiator problems, mineral deposits, corrosion, and broken water bumps.

So what do you do when your engine overheats?

Taking the right steps or approach can save you from a completely damaged car when overheating occurs. Consider doing the following when your vehicle overheats.
Pull over to a safe place
When smoke starts coming from your hood, pull to a safe spot, and turn off the car. Let the engine cool for about 15 minutes, and make sure the temperature gauge goes back to normal.
Add Coolant
After the engine cools, open the radiator cap carefully and slowly add coolant. When the temperature gauge indicates normal, you can proceed cautiously but keep an eye on it.
Switch on the heater
Experts recommend turning on the heater since it draws heat away from the engine and into the passenger compartment. This takes the burden away from the cooling system. However, ensure you roll down all the windows. The warning light will go off when it works, and the temperature gauges back to normal.
Look for Coolant leaks and seek assistance
Overheating could result from inadequate coolant levels due to a leak. It's easy to notice, especially if it drips to the ground or you smell it inside your car. Ask for help or call a mechanic.

How to prevent overheating

Before driving, check the coolant levels and add more if it's low. Also, ensure your radiator cap is fitted well. Finally, schedule regular maintenance with an expert, and if you need engine repair, please don't hesitate to call Turner Auto Care today.

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